Project 1 - Animal Rearing

Project 1:

A pig rearing program will be started at Busalaamu Primary School, in one of the five villages in Musoli. This school is the most underfunded in the area, and 100% of children go without lunch each day. This lack of food has been revealed as a major cause of child labor in the village, where children leave school to work in order to purchase one basic meal each day.

The project will be started by purchasing three-month old vaccinated piglets, which will be able to breed between 3 and 5 months later. After a three month gestation period, each pig will produce on average 8 piglets, but may conceive up to 13. The new piglets will be resold after 1 month. Therefore within 6-7 months, the project will have made a profit for the school – although the actual amount of profit will be determined by the original size of the breeding stock.

Training will be provided to members of Busalaamu School Committee on how to care for the animals, and an animal husbandry component will be added to the curriculum for the older students, so that they can learn valuable income generating skills. This will keep the maintenance costs for the project very small.

The first stage of the project will involve constructing a building to house the pigs. Without this structure, they are much more susceptible to disease and/or theft. The majority of the materials will be donated by community members, including rocks and large sticks. Iron sheets will need to be purchased for the roof, as well as concrete for the floor. All labor to raise the structure will be donated by the community.

The estimated cost of the entire project is at least USD $800, and includes some initial feeding costs as well as incidental veterinary needs. However with an original breeding stock of 10 piglets, (8 female and 2 male), net profits can be up to $1200/year. If more donations are received to purchase a larger breeding stock, profits will be even higher.

Since the majority of the startup costs are related to building the structure, the project will be self-sustaining and make significant profits for years to come.

Please note that if the minimum amount to start the project is not raised, your donation will be used to purchase other essential supplies for the school, including books, paper, and pencils.