About Busalaamu Primary School

Busalaamu CU (Church of Uganda) Primary School is located in the village of Busalaamu, in the Parish of Musoli in eastern Uganda. It was founded by the Church of Uganda and some local teachers. Listen to a short interview with a math and social studies teacher and co-founder of the school below.

There are 240 students enrolled from grades 1-6; however only approximately 120 students are able to attend each day due to the pressure to work for food, or to cover the small amount of fees that are due each term (8,000 Ugandan Shillings, or approximately $4.00 USD).

100% of the children at Busalaamu go without lunch each day, and many lack basic scholastic materials such as pens and paper. Although the school itself is only seven years old, the walls are already crumbling in places due to their rough construction with local materials.

We had also the opportunity to videotape a P2 math class.